Sunday, May 10, 2015

blessed to be born the daughter of this wonderful woman

Growing up, I kind of automatically assumed that everyone had the same experiences with family and home life as I did. But after seeing friends destroyed by divorce and hearing some testimonies and back stories of folks from Bible college, I know that this is far from true. Knowing this makes me appreciate my mother even more! I know a lot of people brag on their moms, especially on a day such as this, but I can't overemphasize the importance of my mother in my life.

She is hilarious and sweet, thoughtful and kind, a faithful Sunday School teacher, a maker of the best darn lasagna and split pea soup you've ever had this side of heaven, an avid football fan, a frequent laugher, my best source of advice and encouragement, my support and consistent cheerleader, a mad wonderful interior decorator, and a Godly woman with a rebel spirit. She rocks. I want to be like her. And I love her dearly.

Lord, thank You for my awesome mother. She's the bomb.

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