Thursday, January 22, 2015

life is a many-faceted thing....but i enjoy taking naps

Life has been pretty phenomenal lately. Not really, I just wanted to use a glorious descriptive word. But it has been kind to me. This week at Bible college we have been enjoying a Missions Conference, with a specific focus on how we can go and serve the Lord both abroad and wherever we are. It's been a nice change from the usual pace of WOLBI life, which I am grateful for. And maybe I should have posted a pic of that, with our assembly center all decked out in national garb and colorful flags, but somehow this photo felt more appropriate. It sums up my week pretty well -- taking photos, embarking on nature walks, and hanging out with my kin. I have so much to share with you, especially in the way of photography. January has been a month of shooting like never before. I have folders of pictures that I'm still hoping to work into posts. And God has been graciously meeting me in my weakness through His Word, even when I'm angry/emotional/weary. I post a little more in-depth about such things on Shouting Mountains, so check that out if you feel so inclined. 

And now, for a mid-winter's nap.

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